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PSALM 46:10

Wellspring is a Catholic spirituality center, located in Whitehouse, Texas, that offers spiritual growth opportunities such as classes and retreats and promotes contemplative spirituality. The center is owned and operated by The Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales and operates on a basic vision that all of God’s people are called to holiness and that it is possible for all to live a contemplative life style while being active in ministry.






Saturday, July 13, 2024

9:30 am - 12:30 pm


 Forbearance enables us to bear
with our own imperfections, failures
and shortfalls as well as those of others.
Join us as we strive to let forbearance
become the quality of our presence
in the world.

.Fr. Gus Tharappel will guide the retreat. 
To register, please email




9:00 am and 5:00 pm


Monday - Friday

6:45 am

The Mother of Compassion Shrine

is open daily for 

prayer and reflection. 

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Last five Sundays, our Scripture readings called us to walk in faith, be men and women of hope, nurture a confident and trusting relationship with the Lord, let that relationship become more gracious, to have courage to face  the challenges that we may have to face if we choose to follow Jesus as his disciples and to listen to the voice of God and respond to that voice positively without delay. Today, we hear the call to take a break, got to a quiet place with the Lord and rest a while.


In our first reading today (Jeremiah 23:1-6), we hear Jeremiah promising his people a divine intervention – the coming of a king who would bring justice, peace, security, and salvation to his people who were like sheep without a shepherd. The responsorial Psalm (Psalm 23) sings the praises of this good shepherd whose love is steadfast and unfailing…an ever present shepherd, who will never let us slip out of his hands! The author of the second reading (Ephesians 2:13-18) declares Jesus as our peace…in him the broken covenant is renewed and reestablished. This is the fulfillment of the promise that we read in the first reading of today from Jeremiah. In Jesus the broken covenant with God is being renewed and reestablished and the kingdom of God is being proclaimed.


This was the good news that Jesus sent his disciples to proclaim. Last Sunday, we read the story of Jesus sending his twelve disciples on their mission. The scene of this Sunday’s Gospel is the return of the twelve (Mark 6:30-34), overjoyed by their successes, wanting to share with their master how their day has been. Jesus invited them to “come away (with him) to a quiet place and rest awhile. People saw them leaving, guessed where they were going, and got there ahead of them. The Gospel tells us that Jesus who went with his disciples to a quiet place for rest was moved with compassion and began to minister to those who were hungry for his word.


We have much to think and pray about in this Gospel story. The first is the invitation of Jesus to a “quiet place” after a hard day’s work. From the very beginning of their ministry, Jesus taught the disciples the need to be away from work and service projects, the need for time to rest, relax, pray…time for peace…time to spend with their master…to abide in him. The disciple must go from the master to fulfill the master’s mission and must return to the master to be blessed, strengthened and filled again with the master’s wisdom. The “busyness”, the trials, the testing times, the challenges, etc. of the mission can stifle the spirit and become burdens heavy to carry. One can become so busy with the master’s work that he/she forgets the master himself. It is easy to lose focus. It is urgent to maintain focus, to be centered again and again on God and God’s way.


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