PSALM 46:10

Wellspring is a Catholic spirituality center that offers spiritual growth opportunities such as classes and retreats and promotes contemplative spirituality. The center is owned and operated by The Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales and operates on a basic vision that all of God’s people are called to holiness and that it is possible for all to live a contemplative life style while being active in ministry.






 Saturday, May 14. 2022    9:30 am - 12:30 pm


Don’t let this Pentecost pass you by. The Holy Spirit has a treasury of gifts that will be poured forth into your hearts. Pope Francis says that the Holy Spirit “constitutes the soul, the life blood of the Church and of every individual Christian - He is the Love of God who makes of our hearts his dwelling place and enters into communion with us. The Holy Spirit abides with us always, he is always within us, in our hearts.”


 Come and join us and allow the Holy Spirit
to set your hearts on fire with love!

 Fr. Gus Tharappel will guide the retreat. 

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December 28, 2022 is the 400th death anniversary of St. Francis de Sales, the Gentleman Saint, who lived a simple life and left a spiritual legacy for the coming generations. All the religious congregations and entities following the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales are making this important day as a time of celebration, inspiring remembrances and spiritual growth opportunities.

Wednesdays with St. Francis de Sales – A five-minute reflection on the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales will be offered every Wednesday by a member of one of the religious orders that follows the Spirituality of St. Francis de Sales. Fr. Gus offered the first of the series on Wednesday, April 27th. You may access his reflections and the reflections of other members of various religious orders each week:



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prayer and reflection. 

fifth Sunday of Easter


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


The Gospel reading of today’s mass is from the beginning of the last discourse of Jesus on his new commandment (John 13:31-35). This excerpt will become meaningful if we read and reflect on the whole chapter, John 13:1-38 rather than just the reading prescribed for today’s mass. Let us review the whole chapter.


Jesus had his last supper with his disciples. Great things happened during this meal. He had washed the feet of his disciples and called them to follow his example in gracious, humble and selfless service. Try to imagine this scene. You are sitting at the table with Jesus and his friends on the night before he died. A confusing sorrow overshadows you. Yet a mysterious hope has settled in your heart. Suddenly, Jesus is standing before you with a bowl of water in hand and apron around his waist. How amazing and awe inspiring it is to think of God in an apron with a bowl of water ready to wash your feet!!! Take a moment to meditate on it!


Jesus, the master and Lord, bent his knees before his disciples with a bowl of water and washed their feet. Take a moment and imagine him with an apron around his waist and a bowl of water in his hands, on his knees, before you, ready to wash your feet!!!  We would feel more free and comfortable if we could trade places. We wouldn’t mind kneeling before Jesus to wash his feet!!

Peter wanted to trade places. But Jesus said to Peter that he must accept this “foot-washing” as essential to being with his master. Jesus then washed the feet of his disciples and called them to follow his example in gracious and self-sacrificing service. Today we are challenged to accept the cleansing, forgiving, healing and transforming power of “foot-washing” and offer it to one another in selfless service after the example of our master, Jesus.


Jesus also wanted the disciples to know that redeeming the world would cost him his life and that he was choosing death and that it was his chosen act of “surrender” to the will of his Father. Jesus was accepting death in fidelity, in loyalty, in love, and in total giving. And one of the disciples was going to betray him who loved and trusted!


Tension mounted among the twelve disciples as Jesus told them that one of them would betray him. Questions about who the betrayer was, suspicion of each other and many other factors created confusion. It is amazing to know how Jesus tried to help the disciples become aware of what was happening and what was going to happen to him. They just failed to understand. They were too preoccupied with themselves and their ambitions. Does it sound familiar?


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