PSALM 46:10

Wellspring is a Catholic spirituality center that offers spiritual growth opportunities such as classes and retreats and promotes contemplative spirituality. The center is owned and operated by The Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales and operates on a basic vision that all of God’s people are called to holiness and that it is possible for all to live a contemplative life style while being active in ministry.




Saturday, November 13, 2021               9:30 am - 12:30 pm


Every baptized person is called to seek holiness and strive after

perfection regardless of his or her state in life. Jesus called all his followers,

“Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect.”


Our retreat will reflect on the meaning of this call, the challenges that the call presents and meaningful ways of responding to the call.


Fr. Gus Tharappel will guide the retreat. 

To register, please email us at


9:00 am and 5:00 pm



Monday - Friday

6:45 am

The Mother of Compassion Shrine
is open daily for
prayer and reflection. 

thirtieth week in ordinary time


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


During the past several weeks, we have been learning a lot from Jesus about being his disciples. Disciples of Jesus are called to form and shape their character in the image of Jesus and live as he lived. It is not enough to know the doctrines and beliefs and be a member of a church. Our character, our lifestyle, our values, our relationships, the way we live and the way we treat others are the most important matters and not our affiliation to groups and organizations.


Disciples of Jesus must learn to have deep respect for all people and treat them with dignity. All people, regardless of their culture and religious affiliation are made in the image and likeness God. We are often reminded of our dignity and worth. Our Scared Scriptures have reminded us that Jesus is not ashamed to call us “brothers” – such is our dignity and worth.


Disciples of Jesus are constantly challenged to make difficult choices: to choose wisdom rather than material wealth as Solomon did, to choose God’s life-giving word even when it is very costly, to choose the eternal rather than the immediate and the transitory.  We can always turn to Jesus, with great confidence, because he is capable of understanding and empathizing with us. He has known our life, our suffering, and our death. He became one with us. Last Sunday we heard Jesus calling his disciples and us today to find joy as well as greatness in serving of others.  Greatness goes to all who surrender themselves in service!!!  Jesus advises us, “Anyone among you who aspires to greatness must serve the rest and whoever wants to rank first must serve the needs of all.”


Now we come to the Scripture readings of today. In our first reading (Jeremiah 31:7-9), we hear the Prophet Jeremiah calling his people to shout with joy because the Lord has delivered His people - the “remnant of Israel” is returning home. God’s everlasting fidelity makes this happen.  “Remnant” was a term used to describe the survivors of Israel, who would find their way home. It was also a term which came to mean a “spirituality” unique to Israel, which reflected total dependence on God for survival, freedom, and salvation.


This “Yahweh-Israel” bond of total dependence becomes more pronounced in today’s reading which mentions only mothers and expectant mothers and not husbands or men. Without any male figure in their lives, they had to totally depend on God and on the support of the community that was held together by God. This excerpt also mentions the blind and the lame and others who represented the helpless and the marginalized in the community. This vision of Jeremiah gave the returning exiles reason to “shout with joy” and become more confident in the provident care of a caring, compassionate, and loving God.  It is good for us to reflect and to nurture a “remnant spirituality,” a spirituality that reflects utter confidence in the provident care of our loving Gud. We are living in troublesome times. Our faith in God, our hope in his promises and our love for God and each other are being tested and tried. We are being challenged every way to deepen our confidence in divine providence.


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