wellspring reflection theme


We reflected on “stillness” as our theme in 2020. Our theme for reflection in 2021 is the virtue of “gratefulness.” This year, we want to strive to learn to “be grateful.” We want to let “gratefulness” become our way of being, living and acting.


While there may be many things wrong in our world, many people unfaithful to their commitments, many projects incomplete and imperfect, there definitely are many things right with our world, many people doing the best they can, many projects contributing to the growth and stability of our communities. We often take for granted things that work properly most of the time and people who live decent and virtuous lives. It is easy to take things for granted, especially some things like our jobs, families or friends. It’s easy to forget how blessed we are for just about everything in our lives. That is why it is good and important to count our blessings, be thankful and show gratitude.

Gratitude showers us with many blessings. It dissolves negative feelings of anger, jealousy, fear, anxiety, doubts, and suspicions. Gratitude deflates the barriers to love.

Gratitude creates joy which is itself a blessing that heals and empowers. When we are happy, we like to make others happy, and this fosters kindness and generosity. Gratitude is a gift to everyone. I believe, that is why St. Paul urged us to "rejoice always" and to "give thanks in all circumstances."

Like other attitudes, gratitude must be cultivated. We don't have to wait for our favorite aunt or grandmother to shower us with gifts before feeling thankful. We can develop gratitude by reflecting on the gifts that are already ours. This reflection can be done for a minute, a day or throughout a lifetime. Most people celebrate their birthdays and holidays, but those who cultivate gratitude celebrate every day. We can be grateful because we are happy, but we can also be happy because we are grateful.


Please join me in our search for a deeper understanding of the virtue of gratefulness and in striving to nurture gratefulness as the quality of our lives and relationships.

365 Day Challenge

I invite you to take the following challenge. When you wake up in the morning, if you can wiggle your toes, say “Thank you God” for the blessing of another day. Before you go to sleep, say “Thank you God” because you have lived another day. Take the challenge for the next 365 days.


Fr. Gus Tharappel, msfs


This is my prayer for you:

•    that you may rise each day of 2021 with grateful hearts for all that has been, for all that is and for all that will be in God’s will.

•    that you may nurture a grateful heart and accept what God sends gratefully and joyfully. 

•    that you may have a grateful heart that empowers you to bear with your own imperfections, difficulties, and hardships and those        of others. 

•    that gratefulness becomes one of the virtues that defines your character and enables you to be optimistic and positive about life        and the world.

•    that you may learn to walk gratefully and joyfully no matter what life may bring as you continue your journey.

Pray with me now…….

Ever-loving and Gracious God, today, I thank you for the many things I often take for granted: the air I breathe, the water I drink, supermarkets filled to overflowing, the ability to walk, talk, see, hear, smell, and to work and earn a living.

Dear Lord, where would I be without the gift of my family and friends and all those reliable and dependable people who serve me daily? I thank you today for their presence in my life, for the many ways in which they touch my life, for the challenges they offer and for their encouragement and support. They have made me a better person.  Thank you.

Fr. Gus Tharappel, msfs