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wellspring reflection theme


We reflected on “Steadfast Love” as our theme in 2023. Our theme for Reflection in 2024 is “Forbearance.” We want to let “Forbearance” define our character and let it become our way of being, of living and of acting. Forbearance is “Temperance,” one of the four Cardinal Virtues: Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance. Forbearance is a healthy and sound “spiritual discipline” that is essential to our spiritual growth.  It is the discipline that helps us develop our spiritual muscles that will enable us to gain control of our emotions, desires and cravings so that we can take charge of them and they don’t take charge of us.


God has created many desirable goods. Sometimes our priorities get disordered and our desires get out of hand and we begin to pursue them as our most important goal. Forbearance moderates our appetite for these goods, ensuring balance in our lives, enabling us to control our desire rather than our desire controlling us. Forbearance is balance, moderation, patience, endurance, restraint, self-control, tolerance, avoidance of extremes, etc. that support and sustain personal integrity and maturity. Join me in striving to understand this virtue and let it form and shape our character as disciples of Jesus.



Ever Loving Father, bless me, form me, shape me and transform me with forbearance. Fill me with your gift of patient endurance in moments of sorrow and suffering. Teach me to be gentle and patient with myself and with those around me. May I seek to be gentle and patient so as to ease the burdens and pressures of others. May my forbearance enable me to bear with my own imperfections, failures and shortfalls as well as those of others around me. May forbearance become the quality of my presence that I may not become a burden to others. Bless me with forbearance when those around me are irritable and stressed, tired and weary. Lord grant me the gift of forbearance that I may make space and time for myself and those around me to forgive, to heal and be free of the burden of all forms of failures, imperfections, shortfalls and weaknesses. And above all, thank you Lord, for Your gracious forbearance toward me. Amen


Fr. Gus Tharappel

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